The Orientation of Creation.

Focus on what you WANT, not on what you DON’T.
Are you a leader and you’re not yet leading?
In whatever it is that you would love to step into leadership within.  
With yourself.
Your family.
Your work.

Is your life focused on what you love?  
Do you focus on what you would love to create?  
What you would most love to experience in this world?  What you stand for?  
Do you focus on what is going amazing? 
On what you are celebrating?  
On the vision of what your heart truly desires?
Or is your focus and attention on what is going wrong?  On what you don't want or wish wasn't happening?  
On what you're fighting against?  
Do you focus on the parts of you, others and the world that need to be fixed, resolved, changed or just fucking different!  Does that need to happen BEFORE you can create what you would love?  

BEFORE you can have the vision you dream of.  
BEFORE you can step out and be who you really are?  
Or perhaps your focus is so deep in the gutter of all the things that need to change, that you can't even SEE your vision!
Yip, I've been there!
I was fighting so hard against all the things, people and circumstances I thought needed to change… that I’d forgotten all about my vision.  What I wanted to create and birth into being.
Realising this was like an injection of empowerment into my consciousness!
 All that fighting against what I thought needed to change was unconsciously giving power to what I didn't want.  I was feeding and fuelling what I didn’t want with my energy and perpetuating the very things I was trying to get away from!  Bugger....!

Watch the video below to hear more about the delight of stepping into your power to CREATE!

About Your Facilitator

Jacqlin Richards

Jacqlin’s purpose on this planet is to invite people into creator consciousness, into their truth and their genius to bring about change in the world and have fun while doing it.  She coaches and trains people all over the world through ‘Jacqlin Richards Wolfpack’ inviting them to create all areas of their lives with MAGIC.

She has a strong focus on parenting and loves to support men and women to empower themselves into #ParentingFromGreatness which is an evolution in the way we raise our kids where all parents and children see themselves and each other as powerful.  She does this coaching and delivering programs through ‘Your Parent Journey Ltd’ and she is excited to say that her first book will be released later this year!

Jacqlin teaches the process Alchemy and since she found it her life has never been the same.  Lifting out of victim consciousness and living in the creative orientation is what it's all about.  It's living by MAGIC, and once you've had a taste you will never go back!

We are all inherently powerful.
We are all inherently magicians.

If living a life of magic, creating what you would most love in the world is the way you want to roll then let's dive in and let's start creating!!!


Here are some words from Treen who is fresh out of a #WolfPack training on Alchemy.


It sounds really simple - what you focus on is what you create!  I just didn't know that what I thought I was focused on wasn't what I was really focused on!

One of the most profound parts of the training I did with Jacqlin on creational focus was taking full responsibility for the fact that everything I’m focusing on is creating everything in my world.
The simple statement above went from being a concept to becoming a lived experience and part of my daily practice.  Wow.  Just wow!

And some from Sabrina who attended the first of the 2  of the #WolfPackWorkshopTrio and is diving into the #OrientationToCreation.


I wanted a blueprint for magic. I saw how Jacqlin was moving in the world. I saw what she was creating and the shifts that were happening for her. I wanted to know her secret and she shared it with me. It allowed me to become aware of when I was operating from a place of past conditioning and beliefs. From perception. It made me aware of the defence and coping mechanisms that I'd created for myself a long time ago but were no longer in my my best interests. It not only allowed me to see those things, it allowed me to be able to accept them.  

Instead of wanting those pieces of myself or those parts of myself to be different or to change myself in some way, I was able to see myself in those places and still choose a different outcome. And I found that really, really powerful.

I have found this work to be really powerful and I'm currently navigating these wildly challenging times with a crazy amount of grace and at ease. Even with everything that's happening, I still feel a great sense of spaciousness and ease, and I'm still able to bring my gifts to the world. 


What I've gained is a massive understanding of those parts of myself, that are controlling how I'm being in the world and what I'm experiencing in the world - How I am in my relationships and most of all, my shadow and dark side. 

It has been so big for me, understanding that big part of myself.  The awareness I have found has been incredible.  It's flipped so much stuff around esspecially the way I am with people.  Relationships naturally change because all of a sudden I'm not coming from that place of my dysfunctional crap.  It was really powerful!

For me, it really has just been that deeper awareness and understanding of both the work and the deep, deep understanding and awareness of myself and those dysfunctional parts of me.  It's really interesting to just see how many inessential activities I do when there's tension around me, regardless of whether I'm involved in the tension or not.  I will feel the tension, and I'll be trying to either help fix everyone around me, or I'll be doing something to take away the tension for myself.

I'm just a lot calmer.  For example, it now looks like I might homeschool the kids.  I always wanted to do that, but I've got to keep working because it keeps me feeling safe, needed, and not stuck and before that was getting in my way.  Now, there's this real peace about everything because I know that no matter what, I'm going to be looked after.  It's so different to come at life from that space.  Creator consciousness!  I've already had loads new clients book in and I can just create the structure, an hour a week that will allow everything I want to create, happen!  I can't describe it, there's just a peacefulness and ease in my world now.

Want to hear more?

A deeper video coming soon about the Orientation of Creation!

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